Taylor Moran

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  • DS Racer

    DS Racer

    DS Racer lives in Los Angeles with his bilingual family. An immigration attorney, the Chicago native enjoys walking his dog and eating breakfast cereal.

  • Mirrelle Beneffitte

    Mirrelle Beneffitte

    Based in UK. BA Cultural Studies. Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction in British English. Currently working on my books. Keep reading… ‘Sister I’m a Poet’ (Morrissey)

  • Simon


    I love poetry, fiction, cats, and whisky.

  • Brian Davison

    Brian Davison

    Too dead to die.

  • Kassy Menke

    Kassy Menke

    Freelancer. Live. Laugh. And Love.

  • Rabih Borgi

    Rabih Borgi

    I’m Rabih, Lebanese, French, writing in Frenglish and hoping to make a difference.

  • Paul Thomas Zenki

    Paul Thomas Zenki

    Ghost writer, essayist, marketer, Zen Buddhist, academic refugee, living in Athens GA, blogging at A Quiet Normal Life: https://www.quietnormal.com/

  • karl marx junior

    karl marx junior

    Seize the means of production!!

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